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This is it!

We help solve problems
through technology

We build intuitive, high-performance, scalable solutions to help solve social and business problems.

We focus on creating
real impact

Technology is useful only if people use it effectively! We focus on building simple and intuitive tools that empower people to easily resolve problems.

Our approach focuses on 4 key factors:
· Problem solving: Fact based and logical understanding the problem
· Design: Build simple, intuitive and beautiful experiences to drive adoption
· Algorithms: Elegant solutions to build scale
at high performance and low cost
· Programming: Fast, bug-free, and
low-maintenance products

We move fast

Organisations operate in a dynamic environment and the technology needs to keep pace.

Through our suite of libraries, we quickly develop solutions that are ready to deploy and easy to modify. In the past, we have developed complex solutions in a matter of weeks.

We have worked on a diverse set of problems...

With leading
Indian companies

Some testimonials for good measure

“Gida is a trusted partner and go-to company for any complex platform development and integration work. The agility they show in delivering critical business requirements is par-excellence and they bring deep tech expertise which really helps in simplifying complex problems.”
- Gopal Vittal, CEO, Airtel
“Versatile team, focussed on solving the problem rather than selling software - worked on and delivered a range of challenging problems”
- Pankaj Sahni, CEO, Medanta
“Gida is a great, multi-talented company that has worked with us to deliver big projects to dynamic funders like Google, Microsoft, and HCL. They are among the leading yet quiet, undercover companies in India that are using new technology in real, pragmatic and profound ways”
- Lisa Heydlauff, Founder, Going to School

About Us

Gida is the Kannada word for plant, and our philosophy is to, like a plant, grow and benefit others in the process. Similarly, we work with organisations to leverage our tech expertise to solve complex problems.

We are a team of passionate developers who love solving problems problems through technology. We believe that software should high-quality, easy-to-use, create real change, and be available at fair prices.

We do this through our extensive libraries of modularised components that allows us to put together the most appropriate solution in a matter of days or weeks.


C.R.K.Gida Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. 110, Saraswathinagar, II Stage Bapujinagar, Bangalore, India - 560040

You can reach us through:
Ph: +91-7760235566
Email: contact@gida.io


We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate people to join us. To explore career opportunities, shoot us an email at